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Red Spade Theater San Diego audience member amazed at magic show

Welcome to the Red Spade Theater, where we’ve been creating unforgettable memories for nearly 10 years.

Located by the beautiful San Diego waterfront in the heart of Old Town, the Red Spade Theater showcases world-class parlor magic — intricate sleight-of-hand and mystifying miracles that take place right before your eyes, all within touching distance.

Highly acclaimed by Yelp and Trip Advisor reviewers, all of our shows are clean and friendly fun, jam packed with interactive entertainment and comedy to bring you an experience you won’t soon forget.

Leave the binoculars at home and bring your sense of wonder. With just 28 seats in our intimate parlor theater, there’s no such thing as a bad view. Perfectly arranged for a casual outing, vacation or even an enchanting date night, we hope you’ll join us soon!

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What Our Guests say

Red Spade Theater Yelp review logo
Ryan P.
Ryan P.
Chula Vista, CA
December 19, 2018
It was a great team-building experience.
Vinny D.
Vinny D.
La Mesa, CA
March 13, 2019
Will be recommending it to couples we know!
Bernie R.
Bernie R.
San Diego, CA
December 29, 2018
Mind bending magic show for 90 minutes well worth [the price].
Red Spade Theater TripAdvisor review logo
Bloomfield Hills, Michigan
January 14, 2018
It proved to be a fun family night out.
Kristin O
Kristin O
San Diego, California
March 10, 2016
A. MAZ. ING. I absolutely LOVED this show.
Tulsa, Oklahoma
July 23, 2017
Sebastian is a great host and performer.