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The Red Spade Theater is an immersive experience of sophisticated magic and mystery. Guiding you through a world of mystic magic and riverboat card sharks, you’ll witness intriguing sleight-of-hand and feats of mentalism.

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The Red Spade Theater has performed for Qualcomm, San Diego Padres, Sony Playstation, Keller Williams, and many more.

No upcoming guest performers. Please check back soon!

What Our Guests say

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A M.
A M.
Los Angeles, CA
February 9, 2019
Sebastian does a great job involving the audience throughout and is an excellent showman.
Jess N.
Jess N.
City Heights, San Diego, CA
June 25, 2018
There were so many tricks he did that left my boyfriend and I in awe and in disbelief
Vinny D.
Vinny D.
La Mesa, CA
March 13, 2019
Will be recommending it to couples we know!
Red Spade Theater TripAdvisor review logo
Irvine, California
May 21, 2018
Sebastian is a skilled performer who made sure everyone was having a good time.
Kristin O
Kristin O
San Diego, California
March 10, 2016
A. MAZ. ING. I absolutely LOVED this show.
Bloomfield Hills, Michigan
January 14, 2018
It proved to be a fun family night out.